Why a Custom Built Home?

If you've searched endlessly for a house that has it all in the perfect location you seek, but have simply come up short, perhaps you should consider a custom-built home.

Because we each have our own distinct lifestyle, taste and wish list, custom-built homes can be great alternatives to existing or cookie-cutter houses on the market. A custom-built home is also a sound investment because the value of your asset is enhanced with more modern, up-to-date features.

Working with a reputable, experienced builder of creative custom homes like Glenn Construction allows you to bring your dream to life with the exact layout, details and finishes you desire. We're not only known for the quality of our custom-built homes, but for the strength of our relationships. We make our clients an integral part of the custom homebuilding process...always paying strict attention to your needs, budget and timeframe. 

What are your choices when building a custom home?

You can build a custom home from scratch on a vacant lot - one you already own, or one you want to purchase in your preferred location. If you've found the perfect spot but there's an existing home already on it, Glenn Construction can knock it down and build a brand new custom home for you. And if you're happy in your current location but your current home needs a good remodeling, we can incorporate whatever renovations or additions your heart desires to make your home better fit your needs.

Please review some of our projects on the next several pages to see how we made a difference in the lives of just some of our clients. Once you've made that important decision to build a custom home, Glenn Construction provides attentive, hands-on guidance throughout the entire process that ensures exceptional results. So call us today at  (609)965-9263 or contact us online to turn your vision of a custom-built dream home into an exciting reality.Type your paragraph here.